Our Story

At Wagyuru, we are all about Wagyu beef.  We sell gourmet Wagyu beef from animals that we raise on our ranch in Texas to retail customers, butcher shops, grocery stores, and restaurants in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area. We pride ourselves on being Wagyu experts, and we hold ourselves to a high standard in everything we do.

We are a family business, run by the ranchers that raise the Wagyu cattle from which our beef is produced from.  We take pride in producing the very best beef possible by utilizing the best Wagyu genetics for breeding our Wagyu cattle, raising them in a stress-free environment, with a natural feed ration that does not include added growth hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. We use a traditional Japanese-style slow-growth feeding methodology that results in juicy, tender beef with abundant marbling.

All of our Wagyu beef comes from animals born, raised and finished on our Rocking 711 Ranch.  The ranch is located 15 miles North of Edna, Texas, in the Northwest corner of Jackson County, Texas, about 85 miles Southwest of Houston.  There we raise percentage and 100% fullblood Wagyu cattle to exacting standards and quality, bred for genetic excellence, raised in a healthy and humane manner.  Calves are raised on pasture with their dams to a normal calf weaning age, with excellence in care and feeding.  We raise percentage Wagyu cattle for beef production and 100% fullblood Wagyu cattle both for beef production as well as breeding stock for other Wagyu producers.  Located on 3,000 acres of prime coastal Texas farmland, and situated in the #1 corn-producing county in Texas, and in close proximity to rice farming (for rice straw, a primary feed ration ingredient used by the Japanese in finishing rations), Rocking 711 Ranch is uniquely positioned to raise and feed Wagyu cattle to exacting standards. 

Wagyu beef can vary substantially based on several factors, including the percentage Wagyu genetics of the animal, the Wagyu genetics of the animal, the type of feed the animal was fed, how long the animal was fed a high quality "finishing ration", and how the animal was treated during the last several months prior to harvest.  We strive to ensure that we provide consistently high-quality Wagyu beef products. We do this by ensuring the genetics of the Wagyu animals that our beef is produced from has a proven history of producing high quality beef, by feeding a high quality finishing ration similar to the rations fed to Wagyu in Japan, and ensuring the animals live a peaceful and relaxed life not only during the last months prior to harvest, but for their entire lives.  

Our Wagyu beef is processed at a small USDA-inspected processing facility in Texas, under our label, hand-fabricated into individual cuts by traditional, expert butchers, sealed in cryovac packaging, then flash-frozen to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and delivered to our customers frozen with dry ice.

We hope we will have an opportunity to serve you, and that you will have an opportunity to experience our outstanding Wagyu beef!  We are confident you will not be disappointed!