Platinum Tri Tip

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Platinum Tri Tip

~2.5 lb


Tri Tip is a triangular cut of beef from the bottom sirloin subprimal cut, cut from the triangular area of the bottom sirloin where the sirloin meets the round and the flank. Tri Tip is outstanding for roasting, and is also very good when cross-cut into steaks.  This cut is also sometimes referred to as "triangle steak".  Tri Tip was popularized for competition barbecue in California, and is perhaps the most popular cut for barbecue on the West Coast, while in Texas, the Brisket is the most popular for barbecue. Tri Tip has outstanding flavor and tenderness when slow cooked over a pit, on a rotisserie, grilled slowly or braised.  After cooking, the meat is usually sliced across the grain prior to serving.

In much of Europe, Tri Tip is usually sliced into steaks. In France, it is called aiguillette baronne and is left whole as a roast. In Northern Germany it is called bürgermeisterstück or Pastorenstück, in Austria Hüferschwanz, and in southern Germany it is called the same name as the traditional and popular Bavarian and Austrian dish Tafelspitz, which is served boiled with horseradish. In Spain, it is often grilled whole and called the rabillo de cadera. In Central America, it is usually grilled in its entirety, and is known as punta de Solomo; in South America, it is grilled as part of the Argentine asado and is known as colita de cuadril; in Chile, it is a popular roast known as punta de picana; in Mexico, it is known as picaña; in Colombian cuisine, it is a popular cut for grilled steaks and is known as punta de anca; and in Venezuela, it is known as punta trasera. In Brazil, it is a common cut for the traditional Brazilian churrasco and is known as maminha (in contrast to picanha, which is from the top sirloin). No matter what part of the world you are in, and no matter what you call it, Tri Tip is a cut deserving of special attention!

There are only two Tri Tip cuts per animal, so availability is often limited.  Our Tri Tip is approximately 2 lbs. each, but can vary by approximately +/- 10% due to varying sizes of animals processed.  Our Tri Tip product will arrive individually packaged in a vacuum sealed bag, with USDA inspection labeling, and will have been flash frozen after aging, cutting and packaging.